i can haz program

Nov - 05 2012

I went into a programming frenzy yesterday. Couldn’t do what I wanted with what I had, so I downloaded  AutoHotkey. Found the commands I needed, and after a few near misses I had a wee proggy that worked, either by sendto/drag-n-drop, or through the context menu after a bit of registry diddling. Then came the […]

Whodunit, IrfanView or the Windwoes Gremlin?

Apr - 14 2011

This is not a problem with IrfanView, but it is involved with it. Something strange happened while I was browsing a folder of old images with some new work being added. There is one TGA file among the JPGs, PNGs, and BMPs. I noticed the image in the thumb viewer and made a mental note […]

Wha’s Happenin’?

Oct - 11 2010

I know, I’m a lousy blogger. Wottever. The bad news: Cops are on my back about yard maintenance. It got a bit shaggy after several years of ill-health caused mostly by lack of vitamins — caused by lack of money, caused by lack of job, etc. Also, there were various artifacts left by my grandfather, […]

Fractal Sturgeons

Jul - 08 2010

The living sturgeons that gave their name to the bay that divides the Door county peninsula — and the city that straddles it — have been nearly wiped out by overfishing and pollution. But their ghosts now haunt the summer streets. Ten years ago the first “Sturgeons Around the Bay” brought out interesting variations on […]

We’re not in canvas any more

Jun - 13 2010

Still obsessed with video. I’ve collected enough software to sink the hd of my first computer several times over. SilentBob bears it all uncomplainingly. Edit, convert, edit, save; my bitty movies are piling up. The duds get deleted — I DO sometimes get rid of useless things. Sometimes. The third edit of Brick Geek, an […]

Oh look, moving pictures

May - 31 2010

Long ago I took a filmmaking course at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. The campus was embryonic in those days. I learned the basic tricks of cinematography with an enthusiastic instructor and a close friend who was mad about animating dinosaurs. Now, in the digital age, like everyone else, I have a camera that […]

My MSE Security Flaw (not?)

Apr - 29 2010

I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials for a couple of weeks. It has not buggered up my resources (mind you, SilentBob has 4GB RAM and a decent processor) nor destroyed anything essential (unlike McAfee). I can heartily reccommend it for normal lusers users. With one reservation. I am using a third-party software firewall. Comodo Internet […]

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