Just In Case

Mar - 18 2017

…you need something else to call Tronald Gump, here is the list I composed. Some of these may be found elsewhere, but none of them were copied. Not all gems, perhaps, but I wanted a mix of long and short. Prune Covered In Orange Slime Mold Decaying Baby-Tooth Dead Blobfish Dipped In Tang Thing Moving […]

American Imperialism

Mar - 13 2017

I was made aware of Steve McEllistrem’s blog post on militarization, Why Are We Militarizing the World?, on Twitter today. He makes a terribly clear statement on matters we are not supposed to think about. “Good” Americans who mindlessly repeat the Pledge of Allegiance, who want to Make America “Great” “Again,” who don’t see the […]

The New Holocaust

Jan - 22 2017

Guest post by Hallie Dolin __________________________ Let me tell you a story. It’s violent and it’s not pretty, but it needs to be told. My paternal grandmother’s mother was from a family called Sereichik, named after their hometown of Sereija in what is now Lithuania. My dad has a sheaf of documents, full of my […]

What’s wrong with our picture?

Mar - 05 2011

I didn’t know I was getting newsletter e-mails from Senator Herb Kohl until I had to fix some mail configs and dug into an account I haven’t really used in years. Suddenly there was this nice fresh one. So I read it. I’m still scratching my head at the apparent (to me) insanity. Some kind […]