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Chewy bits
Thoughts on writing from an off-the-cuff creative writing workshop and wide spots on some other side-roads. You might find these useful if you are trying to become more aware of the mechanics of writing.
Just added an anal-ysis of "as" usage

Roadkill Camp Tales~ a varied archive, including:
My careless but amusing fanfics, in which Jean Auel's perfect blonds meet some oddities out of my mind and then some in short parodies (still here) and novels (withdrawn).

There are also a couple of non-parody short EC fics that I wrote as exercises when I got too uptight about my ongoing "serious" work. Durc leaves the Clan and finds his true calling, along with a bit of romance; a series of four stories of varying length. Frebec, in an exercise in literary style, does what everyone always knew he would.

Non-EC fic: In Borrowed Time, the descendants of Mary Norton's Borrowers enter the age of technology in an epic tale of adventure. The world's smallest hacker travels thousands of miles in search of true love. (Withdrawn, pending some thinking. One heck of a tale, though.)

EC Names - a nearly complete list of characters from CotCB to SoS. Fan-fickers delight! Newly updated and pending further improvements...if I feel like it.

Dead Sentences ~ a Nick Wortschatz mystery
Your roving critic throws some light on what makes amateur writers do what they do...or at any rate, on what they do. Ack! Followed, after an unpleasant encounter with more icklit, Character Assassination

Murder, mirth, and magic in the Ice Age
--A blurb for A Drum Is Empty, a finished (lol) novel.

Poetry and song lyrics
Department of Purple Prose

w00t - for all you geekoid writers who do it in HTML (or BB, as in forum), here is my shiny new Latin2 code table, showing all the funky letters that drive me crazy when I paste stuff from Polish websites. Now you can have characters with characters.

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