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Buried Treasures

Oct - 28 2012

Amazing what one runs across when cleaning out surplus stuff. Also amazing what one never notices until…when one notices it. I rescued this old label some time ago from a box that had been used for storage since whenever. Then it knocked around here and there and was buried, until I dug it up yesterday […]

Fractal Sturgeons

Jul - 08 2010

The living sturgeons that gave their name to the bay that divides the Door county peninsula — and the city that straddles it — have been nearly wiped out by overfishing and pollution. But their ghosts now haunt the summer streets. Ten years ago the first “Sturgeons Around the Bay” brought out interesting variations on […]

Treading water

Feb - 01 2010

Not enough good sleep to make a meaningful post. I will some time soon, I hope. Both of the above. This postcard turned up in a bad place when I reshuffled a shipload of junk so I could get up the stairs (the upstairs door was ajar, a criminal offense when the temperature outside hovers […]

Man-made Mini Sinkhole in Sturgeon Bay

Dec - 13 2009

I love karst landscapes. Wisconsin’s Door County, where I was born and currently live, is a monumental block of cracked, leaky Niagara dolomite, riddled with caves. Southern Poland, where my novel, A Drum Is Empty, is set, has it beat all to heck for caves, sinkholes, water-sculpted limestone cliffs, and monadnocks (huge free-standing rocks). A […]