13 Ways in which I am like my computer

1. I boot slow

2. I often lose data from my clipboard before I can save it

3. I’m likely to crash in the middle of the afternoon

4. Viruses are out to get me

5. Most of the time I’m not doing anything very useful

6. My OS is obsolete

7. I have a lot of useless information stored in me

8. The harder you push me, the slower you get it

9. I hate this @#&#%$#1& summer heat!

10. I get confused when I am given conflicting commands

11. Sometimes I don’t make very much sense

12. I complain a lot

13. Stupid people are always telling me what to do

(I wrote this eight years ago, and it’s just as applicable today)

Singing Windoze!

Soundtrack made with ModPlug Tracker using sounds from Windows 98