Computer Problems?

I have 15 years cumulative experience and a born troubleshooter’s nose. Never once took any of my computers to a shop. Undefeated except for one encounter with a horrid little netbook, I diagnose hardware and software problems and straighten them out. Cleaning up malware and PUP infestations, file and password recovery, major operating system upgrades or re-installs, printer shenanigans, whatever.

Small jobs don’t have to cost more than the machine is worth. I will never try to sell you a part you don’t need, and no data will be lost. If you are in or near Sturgeon Bay, I am available. Rates negotiable; will barter. I do house-calls. However, if you want a visit, the kicker is…either you have to pick me up or I take Door-2-Door. I’m car-free.

Warning: smoke-free environment is essential, to avoid unpleasant noises.

I also do remote work. It is often possible to clear up small issues using software that connects computers over the Internet. This can save time, and avoids any need to haul either the computer or my lazy bottom around. You trust me not to drop in any backdoors, and I trust you to pay for my time. 😉


I likes me some computers. Leviathan is sort of the herd leader. He’s the biggest and heaviest, and one of the most experienced. Then there’s Horse, BitChunker, Fracky, and Winnie the PU. And a tablet…and a smartphone…. Linux Mint on all the workers. Winnie is my red-haired stepchild, with Windows 10.

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