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A Drum Is Empty

Haiku Synopsis

Shaman in a bind
runs toward death, trips over life.
Laughing, he kicks ass.


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A drum is empty always, and when the skin is rightly taut it gives right noise, right sound. Attention is like that.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
London, 4th Public Talk, May 7, 1966 No, that isn't where I got the title. I found the quote later.


One - The Last Spring

Two - A Raven Flies

Three - Tea and Trouble

Four - What a Picture Is Worth

Five - Luck

Six - An Unexpecting Guest

Seven - Dirty Laundry

Eight - Empty Dreams

Nine - Child's Play

Ten - Thunder Drums

Eleven - Fire From The Sky

Twelve - Priorities

Thirteen - Breaking Ice

Fourteen - Fuss and Feathers

Fifteen - Bull Baiting

Sixteen - The Lid Is Off

Seventeen - Questions and...Questions

Eighteen - Relativity

Nineteen - More Bloody Murder

Twenty - Fitting Together

Twenty-one - Something to Do

Twenty-two - A Fresh Start

Twenty-three - Initiations

Twenty-four - Dancing Lessons

Twenty-five - Loose Ends

Twenty-six - Shadows

Twenty-seven - Missing Persons

Twenty-eight - Raven To The Rescue

Twenty-nine - All Through the Night

Thirty - Out of the Fire, into the Soup

Thirty-one - One and All

Thirty-two - Not with a Bang

Thirty-three - Home


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08/10/05 OMG, I fell off!!! (that was the day I got to the end of the last chapter- a weird feeling!)

Shite! Vahé! Now it's not the last chapter any more, I done kilt it.

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