Always a lover of music, I have played various instruments with varying degrees of success, written songs and recorded them (with less than optimal equipment), composed digitally (Modplug Tracker), and generally messed around. My guitars have lain about unused for a long time now; I feel sad when I think of them, but other obsessions now take precedence and occupy my time.

Still, some music lurks on my hard drive. I have decided to share it. You will have to settle for low quality recordings; I am musically illiterate.

Of all my tracker tunes, Kansas Nights is the one I feel most satisfied with. It is a short tone poem intended to express longing, sadness, and hope, and to suggest the passage of trains in the night.

Earth Woman is a short song from my neopagan period.

Song For The Trees was composed in a wooded area at night.

More tracker tunes

Lamb Stew
I can pick out a tune on a real piano, but no way like this!