Origami Links

The Internet offers the most amazing resources for anything, if you know where and how to look. Origami diagrams, videos, and ebooks are available free. You can see photos of unbelievable origami art in hundreds of online galleries.

To find thousands of video tutorials on YouTube, use its search. Just the word Origami will get you more than you will know what to do with. To narrow the search, add words like bird, box, bowl, ornament (always preceded by origami). My Youtube handle is Matera313. I have only started making origami videos. Mine are not basic tutorials, but demonstrate interesting variations that I have discovered while “oridoodling.”

I am putting links to some of my favorite origami sites on this page. Have fun!

Origami Club — wonderful site, instructions for lots of simple models.

Origami with Rachel Katz — Fun site, colorful and playful.

Origami Instructions — Easy to follow, actual photos of folds in progress, and videos.

Happy Folding — Sara Adams’ site, full of useful info and tutorials. Sara does excellent videos.

HappyPuppyTruffles Origami — Heather Lynne Shida provides lots of printable patterns for special projects. Her hundreds of Youtube videos are fantastic. She has made a lot of very basic tutorials that can help you learn the essentials.

Oriland — TMI! A great place to explore.

Amazing Paper airplanes — Yes, paper airplanes are origami, and you wouldn’t believe how many kinds there are.

The Fitful Flog — a blog with many contributors, full of inspiring origami iseas. Also good links to more stuff.

Origami USA — American national society devoted to origami. Info, links, some free diagrams.

British Origami Society — A lot of good reading here, and some free diagrams.

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