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Wha’s Happenin’?

Oct - 11 2010

I know, I’m a lousy blogger. Wottever. The bad news: Cops are on my back about yard maintenance. It got a bit shaggy after several years of ill-health caused mostly by lack of vitamins — caused by lack of money, caused by lack of job, etc. Also, there were various artifacts left by my grandfather, […]

A high, lonesome sound

Jun - 20 2010

Nearly seven years ago I was writing my last epic fan-fic novel, Borrowed Time. Hashmark Pin, the world’s smallest hacker (though very tall for a Borrower) travels from northern California to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in search of love and a purpose in life. He finds it all. I was also re-obsessed with music, having discovered […]

We’re not in canvas any more

Jun - 13 2010

Still obsessed with video. I’ve collected enough software to sink the hd of my first computer several times over. SilentBob bears it all uncomplainingly. Edit, convert, edit, save; my bitty movies are piling up. The duds get deleted — I DO sometimes get rid of useless things. Sometimes. The third edit of Brick Geek, an […]