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No, no, not another!

Feb - 20 2011

I was once a fan of Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children(TM) series. I loved Clan of the Cave Bear. It was the best cave-people novel I had ever read (unfortunately, that’s not saying too much; the competition back then was sickly). I loved parts of Valley of Horses. Parts of it were…let’s just say, not what […]

About How-to-write Books

Oct - 21 2010

(originally a forum post) IMO all how-to books should be taken with a grain of salt, 2lbs of meat, a couple of onions, carrots, potatoes, maybe a parsnip and/or turnip, some tomatoes, a dash of pepper, and any optional seasonings you see fit to add. At least that way you get a good stew that […]

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Wha’s Happenin’?

Oct - 11 2010

I know, I’m a lousy blogger. Wottever. The bad news: Cops are on my back about yard maintenance. It got a bit shaggy after several years of ill-health caused mostly by lack of vitamins — caused by lack of money, caused by lack of job, etc. Also, there were various artifacts left by my grandfather, […]

The invisible crutch phrase (rants and confessions)

Feb - 02 2010

What is one of the most useless sets of pad-words, a mainstay of badfic, a hallmark of inattentive or amateurish writing? Hint: It isn’t on any of the big lists of useless crap. Watched as Watched WHAT as? “As” implies simultaneous action. “As” is overused and abused enough without this pernicious parasitic phrase. This well-established […]

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