The White Goddess

Nov - 26 2020

Beneath the Moon I slept as it rose full. It was Midsummer’s Eve, and I was young; Unformed, untutored, but I felt its pull. In a dream, that night, an ancient tale was sung: A Goddess who upon occasion sought Her long-dead lover; her unfettered might Disguised in mortal form, her spell so wrought That […]

April Girl

Sep - 30 2014

This is a song that I wrote during my early-90s burst of warped creativity. Some people have read things into it that annoyed me (one stupid bitch in particular whose name I have forgotten, whose soul is torn by the avenging spirits….). Needless to say, whatever you read into it has more to do with […]

Star Dreamer

Jun - 18 2014

A song that I passed some time with ca. 1991 Star dancer, far dreamer, my ship on the sea Nightmist and starwind bring visions to me Flowers are opening under the sky Come with me, dream with me, just you and I Breathe deeply the sweet air of earlier times Rest in the soft darkness […]

Dance of Life (poem)

Jun - 01 2013

          Winging down in around the zoosphere we find a single being, intertwined invisibly in fleeting forms shadow-dancing with itself in separate mind seeking sometimes fearfully to know what lies behind its seeing. This is probably around 30 years old. I ran accross it for the umpteenth time while looking for […]