Script stuff

I’ve been messing with scripts off and on — nothing original, but modifications of others’ work. My best thing is a text writing script, originally written by jBot-42, to which I’ve added “dingbats” and runes. The pictorial dingbats are useful for creating patterns, adding symbols, and even constructing walls and buildings. It isn’t complete; that is to say there isn’t a symbol in every group for every key of the keyboard, but it is usable enough. You have to refer to a list to avoid null keys.

Currently it contains:

Standard 5×7 — normal font, with a few slight improvements on jBot-42’s original (vision issues)

Runes — a simple rendering of the Elder Futhark

Nasty 4×4 — an extremely minimal-size font for making labels in limited space

Dingats — an 8×10 pixel set of shapes

Dingbats2 — a 13 pixel set of shapes

👉Download a package containing the script and plain-text lists of the special fonts: TEXTER

To use the script, put the “Text builder.lua” file in your PowderToy Scripts folder. After TPT has recognized it, you can summon it with Ctrl + J. Click a font name to select it, enter your text, and click on “Draw text”.