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Home At Last

Jan - 19 2014

…Or, Why I Kicked Windows into the Bitbucket and Started Living. My computing life began with Windows; I “grew up” in it. Sometimes I dual-booted one or another Linux distro, but Windows, whatever version, was my main workspace since early 2001. From 95 to Vista (and 7 at work), I slogged through Microsoft’s increasingly baroque […]

Empty Or Not?

Dec - 03 2013

From the Department of Insane Hacks On Halloween, Windows played a dirty Trick on me, so I gave myself a great Treat: I blew Windwoes to hell and installed Debian. Life has been wonderful ever since — but that’s not what this story is about. Because I like playing World of Tanks, I ended up […]

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Whodunit, IrfanView or the Windwoes Gremlin?

Apr - 14 2011

This is not a problem with IrfanView, but it is involved with it. Something strange happened while I was browsing a folder of old images with some new work being added. There is one TGA file among the JPGs, PNGs, and BMPs. I noticed the image in the thumb viewer and made a mental note […]