Nov - 27 2021

I am so lax . . . I’ve worked on this texter script for a few years, but haven’t done much recently. It’s usable as it is, though, so I finally created a page for it here.

Aug - 10 2021

This was my first “signature” piece. I still have seen nothing exactly like it. The only thing that makes it different is the final lock fold; it was a “what-if” that came up during a lot of shifts in a folding sequence. When I saw the final product, I was astonished. I have at keast […]

Aug - 05 2021

I have a hard time all around with diagrams. I first learned origami from diagrams, but I’ve found that, for me, videos can be much easier to follow. Then there is the software. Certainly, Inkscape is absolutely marvelous. Too damn marvelous. It has like 369 different line styles, and I can never find the same […]

Feb - 06 2021

Now that I have al my main machines running Linux Mint 20.1, I figured it was time to get really organized. The new(er) laptop, LadyLuck, El for short, has a small drive. Also, sneaker-netting files is tedious. It would be better, I thought, to get my movies-in-bed via a cozy LAN. Old Horse could become […]

Nov - 26 2020

Beneath the Moon I slept as it rose full. It was Midsummer’s Eve, and I was young; Unformed, untutored, but I felt its pull. In a dream, that night, an ancient tale was sung: A Goddess who upon occasion sought Her long-dead lover; her unfettered might Disguised in mortal form, her spell so wrought That […]

Sep - 19 2020

I am a file hoarder.I have files that were created or downloaded nearly twenty years ago, when I had little drive space and my only option for backup storage was floppies. Over the years a few have been lost, and some have been permanently deleted because they outlived their usefulness and had no sentimental value. […]


Jan - 14 2019

A Parable of Privacy and Security Once upon a time there was a a country ruled by a blind giant. In the beginning, he seemed to be a kind ruler. His subjects were contented and happy. Neighboring kingdoms readily allied with his. Since most of the people thought that he had their best interests at […]

Sep - 25 2018

Everybody needs a sheet, right? Click to get the full-size image. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Aug - 19 2018

At first, when I think of Origami, I think of the beautiful logic of its geometry. But in the process of folding, a kinship to poetry emerges. Poetry is made up of words. Traditional poetic forms have a regularity of pattern that can be compared to Origami. Folds are the language, the words, of Origami. […]

Aug - 03 2018

Everything updates. Several days ago Horse, my summer computer, horked on an update. I rebooted late at night for reasons I can’t recall, and ended up staring at error messages I’d never seen before. A new version of the kernel had been inserted somewhen. It took effect on bootup, but freaked out when it met […]

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