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Arrowhead Bowl diagram

Aug - 10 2021

This was my first “signature” piece. I still have seen nothing exactly like it. The only thing that makes it different is the final lock fold; it was a “what-if” that came up during a lot of shifts in a folding sequence. When I saw the final product, I was astonished. I have at keast […]

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Full Metal Petal

Sep - 10 2016

Origami Lotus Flower with slight modification A bit of background first. Twenty-odd years ago I was heavily into origami. Because my health was poor (as a result of poverty) and my low-paying job was exhausting, I needed something to do while mostly doing nothing. Origami was my key to couch occupation. Since then I’ve forgotten […]


May - 13 2013

Published. On Smashwords.Yes, I did. A Drum Is Empty is finally available to readers who have already waited too long. I also uploaded two short stories as freebies. You might say I celebrated Mother’s Day by giving birth to a litter of literature. It was a day’s work. First, I had to make sure the […]

Fractal Sturgeons

Jul - 08 2010

The living sturgeons that gave their name to the bay that divides the Door county peninsula — and the city that straddles it — have been nearly wiped out by overfishing and pollution. But their ghosts now haunt the summer streets. Ten years ago the first “Sturgeons Around the Bay” brought out interesting variations on […]

Here we go again

Oct - 12 2009

Working over WordPress is simple, if you know a little CSS. I’ve done it enough times, set up sites with it, so why not use it myself, right? Yes, foax, that is the first drawing I made on my first very own computer, The Thang. It was spring, hence the tulip. MS Paint doesn’t get […]