Your Great New Business Opportunity

May - 02 2017

Around ten years ago, a friend got involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) — in other words, a pyramid scheme. I could see straight through the hype, but he was a beLIEver. My attempts to open his eyes were futile. In 2013, the FTC kicked the scam off the map — and its founder, a narcissistic […]

Masu Module Drawers

Apr - 25 2017

I love small things. Looking at origami furniture models, I thought how fun it would be to assemble a paper suite for Borrowers. But out of all the chest-of-drawers type models available, I found none that I really wanted to fold. Either they were fussily complex, or not proportioned right. So I took paper in […]

Full Metal Petal

Sep - 10 2016

Origami Lotus Flower with slight modification A bit of background first. Twenty-odd years ago I was heavily into origami. Because my health was poor (as a result of poverty) and my low-paying job was exhausting, I needed something to do while mostly doing nothing. Origami was my key to couch occupation. Since then I’ve forgotten […]

Happeh Geekness

Jun - 08 2016

Not getting too much done on this site, but I set up another for a friend last weekend. Used WordPress, with a theme called Universal. It’s a beautifully tweakable theme that is friendly to all devices. I tested it on a phone just to see how it went. He’s pegging away at adding content now. […]


Jul - 23 2015

I followed this link from Twitter, enjoyed it immensely, retweeted it, and tried to post it on Facefuck. I was prevented from doing so. FINE! I will share it even more. If you think it is offensive, don’t share it. 3 Dads I’ve encountered Facecrap’s nannying before, and I will never condone it. Why stop […]

Wow I’m So Cool

May - 17 2015

Yep, changed my site password and forgot to tell WordPress.

Star Dreamer

Jun - 18 2014

A song that I passed some time with ca. 1991 Star dancer, far dreamer, my ship on the sea Nightmist and starwind bring visions to me Flowers are opening under the sky Come with me, dream with me, just you and I Breathe deeply the sweet air of earlier times Rest in the soft darkness […]

A Better Mouse Trap

Apr - 20 2014

How to Build and Use a Mouse Cannon In a moment of desperation, I added what I know to what I have and came up with the simplest — and most effective — mousetrap I’ve ever used. Click the images to view full size. The main tube of mine is about 27 inches long, and […]

Empty Or Not?

Dec - 03 2013

From the Department of Insane Hacks On Halloween, Windows played a dirty Trick on me, so I gave myself a great Treat: I blew Windwoes to hell and installed Debian. Life has been wonderful ever since — but that’s not what this story is about. Because I like playing World of Tanks, I ended up […]

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The hack that wasn’t

Mar - 21 2013

I thought I got hacked yesterday. This line of text appeared — with no apparent cause — in a text file that was open but out of sight: Cracked and cul De SAC and all will have some fun and this one th at a picnic After finding no clues in any obvious way, I […]

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