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Absurdity of Spam

Feb - 08 2014

If you really have to follow a link in spam, if you just can’t help it, totally can’t control yourself, must do it, will die of stupidcuriosity if you don’t, SLAP YOUR HAND. Then, carefully move the cursor to the Delete button and annihilate the temptation. Your computer will now have a slightly better chance […]

When is a blog not a blog?

Feb - 07 2011

I don’t blog often, but at least when I do it’s my own content. Unfortunately, there are a shitload of “bloggers” whose only aim is to get as much traffic as possible, by any means possible. I assume that they are doing this for the sake of some sleazy advertising on their sorry moshblogs that […]

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Wottever II

Feb - 03 2011

Still out of luck with excluding stuff. My best option for now is to turn off the tweet digest — I don’t really need it anyway. Meanwhile, spam goes on. Most of it wouldn’t fool a month-old puppy, but who wouldn’t like to be flattered all to heck with: Wow, incredible blog layout! How long […]


Feb - 03 2010

Another day, another Russian spam. And one of those things tried to join my forum. The spampig’s handle (ManninBlackk) got over 9000 Google hits. Time for a name change, dipshite; we know you. Edited to add: Spam posts can be hilarious if you are easily amused. I enjoyed the article and thanks recompense posting such […]


A few words about…that stuff

Jan - 16 2010

Spammers are almost the sorriest thing on Earth. I say almost, because the filthy pigs that create the malware and other fool-traps and pay stupid spammers to push their garbage are worse. You can’t even flush them down toilets. They should be vaporized in nuclear reactors, or they will continue to contaminate everything. Yuck. I’m […]