Bowl420 origami diagram

I have a hard time all around with diagrams. I first learned origami from diagrams, but I’ve found that, for me, videos can be much easier to follow. Then there is the software. Certainly, Inkscape is absolutely marvelous. Too damn marvelous. It has like 369 different line styles, and I can never find the same one again in the mile-long dropdown. Drawing is tedious anyway.

So I’ve decided to use photographs to create diagrams. There’s still a problem with lines. I’d like to use the standard dashed lines for valley and mountain, but programs that have simpler line tools have other problems.

For this prototype photodiagram, I used IrfanView, and differentiated the lines by color. Eventually I’ll find the right combination. Meanwhile, I have plenty of gray kami XD

Bowl420 photodiagram PDF

I set it up in Libre Office Writer and exported to PDF. The dark background is a default for me because my eyes dislike glare.