Old Fat Donald

I started singing this around the house for stress relief, and had to get it down and share it. Feel free to add and alter (I will too, lol).

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump should die.
In his pen the lawyers feed. Donald Trump should die.
With a tax-evasion here
And a pussygrab there,
Here a scam,
There a rape
Everywhere a big lie
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump should die.

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump should die.
In the White house he did shit. Donald Trump should die.
With incitement here
And bullying there
Here a gun
There a riot
Everywhere a big lie
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump should die.

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump should die.
Narcissism is his thing. Donald Trump should die.
With a gaslight here
And delusions there
Here a brag
There a sneer
Everywhere a big lie
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump should die.

Preferably of cancer, long and slow and painful, but I’d settle for COVID; whatever works appropriately. A stroke that left him unable to speak (and type) would be awesome. The sick dick would die of frustration. If you’re concerned about being accused of death threats when enjoying a good sing-along, you can change that last bit to “Donald Trump’s a lie.” Otherwise, let the poetic license support your feelings 😉

More goodies, almost in my own words!
Apprentice Producer Exposes Trump’s Incompetence, Racism

no shit
The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth

Definitely check out anything Mary Trump, the swine’s niece, has to say about the whole sick family. She knows a psychopath when she sees one.

Facebook IS the bully

Once upon a time, I created a Page on Facemuck. It was just a place to share my origami. It was nice, people liked it. It was like a cozy, sunny room with an open door. I could come and go as I pleased.

But this was Facemuck, land of the whore and home of the knave, where all that matters is making money. Big Bully constantly annoyed me with nags about my “business”. Then along came the NEeeew PAyage Expeeerayance. The door slammed shut. I could still go into my Page, but it wasn’t mine any more. I had to change clothes every time I went through that door, and the door was always locked behind me until I changed back.

I locked the door and barred it.

Now I have a Group. It’s another pleasant room, a cheerful place where there’s always a little party going on. I can freely go in and out.

I wonder how long it will be before Big Bully thinks up a way to ruin that too.

wait until Facebook sees my flamethrower

What’s wrong with our picture?

I didn’t know I was getting newsletter e-mails from Senator Herb Kohl until I had to fix some mail configs and dug into an account I haven’t really used in years. Suddenly there was this nice fresh one. So I read it. I’m still scratching my head at the apparent (to me) insanity. Some kind of megalomania, schizophrenic power-trip; whatever, it disturbs me. It says something terribly discomforting about the USA.

I thought this guy was relatively all right, until I read this:

“…as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, I introduced the bipartisan No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC). It would authorize our government, for the first time, to take action against illegal conduct of the OPEC oil cartel. The NOPEC bill would establish clearly and plainly that when a group of competing oil producers – like the OPEC nations – act together to restrict supply or fix prices, they are violating U.S. law. I recently raised the subject of increased oil prices with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at a Senate Banking Committee hearing to gain insight about current efforts to curb rising oil and gas prices. It is time for the U.S. government to fight back against efforts to fix the price of oil and hold OPEC accountable when it acts illegally.”

No matter what we think of them, the OPEC nations are not part of the United States, and are not subject to our laws. So what is the point of waving a provocative red flag of empty threat?

The USA must stop acting as if it owned the world and start cooperating with other nations as peers. That is called growing up. Being a playground bully and whining about the terrorism that it inspires with its careless arrogance (while indulging freely in terrorism) is not building any respect for us. You have to GIVE respect to get it.

I guess this rant should show that I am not just a knee-jerk anti-Republican. :p