Old Fat Donald

I started singing this around the house for stress relief, and had to get it down and share it. Feel free to add and alter.
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Old Fat Donald

A folksong for evil times

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
In his pen the lawyers feed. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
With a tax-evasion here
And a pussygrab there,
Here a scam,
There a rape
Everywhere a big lie
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
In the White house he did shit. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
With incitement here
And bullying there
Here a gun
There a riot
Everywhere a big lie
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
Narcissism is his thing. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
With a gaslight here
And delusions there
Here a brag
There a sneer
Everywhere a big lie
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.

Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
Bribery is legal now. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
With a thousand here
And a million there
Buy the court
Sell us short
Kill the women
Let Earth fry
Guns in school
The bullies rule
Every man a corporate tool
Old Fat Donald is a pig. Donald Trump’s a LIE.
June/July 202

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Apprentice Producer Exposes Trump’s Incompetence, Racism

no shit
The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth

Definitely check out anything Mary Trump, the swine’s niece, has to say about the whole sick family. She knows a psychopath when she sees one.

Facebook IS the bully

Once upon a time, I created a Page on Facemuck. It was just a place to share my origami. It was nice, people liked it. It was like a cozy, sunny room with an open door. I could come and go as I pleased.

But this was Facemuck, land of the whore and home of the knave, where all that matters is making money. Big Bully constantly annoyed me with nags about my “business”. Then along came the NEeeew PAyage Expeeerayance. The door slammed shut. I could still go into my Page, but it wasn’t mine any more. I had to change clothes every time I went through that door, and the door was always locked behind me until I changed back.

I locked the door and barred it.

Now I have a Group. It’s another pleasant room, a cheerful place where there’s always a little party going on. I can freely go in and out.

I wonder how long it will be before Big Bully thinks up a way to ruin that too.

wait until Facebook sees my flamethrower

Off Our Walker — Rant I

Guest posts by A. Nonymous, via e-mail.

Went to a Democratic Party meeting in Sturgeon Bay Thursday night — very interesting. Jon Erpenbach, the minority leader of the state senate, spoke to us by phone from Chicago and answered questions. He said morale is good among the 14 senators holding out on the budget vote and he personally would like to see the entire budget redone not just the section on unions. Walker is trying to privatize state jobs and eliminate accountability. It gives him the power to rewrite the rules for who is eligible for Medicaid and Senior Care and he is interested in selling power plants to his friends. He said the Republican senators are not happy with the Walker phone call and the cavalier tone he has adopted, and they need to hear from people who will encourage them to consider individual issues rather than be in lockstep with Walker. The minority Democrats are seriously worried about saving the American dream and the middle class from this power grab with political payoffs.

The local Democrats are staging a protest Friday on our steel bridge (make your own sign) Friday in connection with rallies on bridges all over the state. About 100,000 people are expected in Madison Saturday but you will never hear it on Fox, as they have consistently underreported numbers of previous groups except for the tea party which mysteriously swelled to thousands instead of hundreds. The bus drivers bringing people from parking areas to the downtown say the protestors have already numbered 100,000 at the Capitol, which is the goal for this weekend too. The local people who went last week said it was a very moving experience with everyone becoming very energized but staying courteous, no pushing and shoving.

Somebody researched what the Koch brothers are making their billions from and discovered it is just about everything — Angel Soft, Soft n Gentle and Quilted Northern toilet paper; Brawny towels; Dixie Cups products; Mardi Gras, Vanity Fair and Zee napkins; Stainmaster carpets; Dacron fiber; Comforel fiberfill; all the Georgia Pacific products, and that’s just for starters. They have been making donations to conservative candidates all over the country, but Walker may be the most enthusiastic in trying to pay them back.

appended from e-mail reply:

Yay for working. It’s becoming increasingly rare. Just think — with the cooperation of some business moguls who are not expanding at the moment, the US could raise the GNP by 3 or 4 points and generate enough in taxes to solve the budget shortages. For some reason said moguls are sitting on their hands until various
states use draconian measures to increase the dictatorial power of governors and reduce the options and
benefits of workers, thus generating a bigger future percentage of profit for those who need it least. Does anyone remember Teapot Dome, trustbusting, etc. at the beginning of the last century? Why do we have to replay the Greed card vs. the Fair card over and over? And in the future will anybody hear about it even once with a new crop of teachers whose boss lives in Madison?

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